Shipping & Returns

Firma Bronze Design Modellbau

Inhaber :BermHagedorn

Tannenburgstr.        93a

DE-  49084  Osnabrueck


Tel:   +49   541-   707474

Mobilphone :  0176- 21 79 55 14


Ust.ID-Nr:  De117611298

Finanzamt OS-Sta:66/116/03429

Swift-Code:  Nolande22

Business hours , also telephonic : daily from 08:00 to 19:00 hours,

Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00 hours MEZ.

We talk English.

Deliver Transportation Costs, Shipping and Returns

Only the right of the Federal Republic of Germany is regarded as agreed.

1. Prices. All mentioned prices are euro prices, inclusive of the current value added tax of Germany, in principle refer to the goods value and include the current value added tax if this is not expelled separately. Possible transportation costs are added for the respectively desired mode of transport (e.g. express delivery or COD charges).

At orders below 100. € an effort flat rate is lifted up of 5. €.

A cash on delivery delivery to the European foreign countries is also possible. The COD charges actually arising arise here. For foreign is not buyers, their country in the EU (e.g. Switzerland), a cost lump sum of 10. € arises.

2. Take place the contract. You get the possibility before mailing your order of checking and changing all details, your name and address, number type and items ordered, again. With the careful check of the required details on your order you hand in an obligatory offer to bronze design model making. The acceptance of this offer the completion of a contract is made by the sending of the product ordered by you and takes place with that, so that.

3. Identity of the contracting party: The contract takes place : Company bronze design model making, owner :BermHagedorn, Tannenburgstr. 93 a, DE 49084 Osnabrueck, Tel.: +49- 541- 707474, e-mail:, Ust.ID no: De117611298, FinanzamtOS-Sta: 66/116/03429, Swift code: Nolande22 .

4. Complaints. Please also address possible claims and returns to this address. Please enclose all documents like delivery note and invoice received by us with the return. If no fault can be proved against us, the postage of the return goes burdens to you. Post, packets and packages returned carriage forward are not assumed and sent back. Please stamp sufficiently.

5. Right of return. You can absolutely return all items purchased at bronze design model making to the above address without details of reasons within 14 days upon receipt. For the period preservation the punctual despatch suffices, the sales contract then gets invalid. Upon moving receipt of the faultless product as delivered a credit note of the payment already made is carried out.

We as a precaution immediately check the careful treatment and intactness of the purchase objects upon moving receipt. We reserve at damages by post, packets and packages and damages in transit resulted at the return returned to an improper handling, unsatisfactory packing, carriage forward for us to assert compensation entitlements.

If you should have questions on your right of return, you contact us preferably by e-mail; we have an open ear for everything. Because your criticism improves the quality of our products.

6. Unforeseeable raises of the material prices and wages or costs for from outside work and from outside parts as well as taxes which are additional and not taken into account in the price entitle us to a price increase put on correspondingly.

7. We charge us amount of inferior surcharges at the order of single makings, special measures or quite special explanations kept.

8. No legal right exists on our granting of discounts or single special prices. We reserve for us to change all prices and discounts according to the cost situation. Resisted us no discounts at orders below 250. € net.

9. If the orders shall not be exported after completion of a contract within 2 months, we are authorized to bill for the prices valid on the day of the delivery.

10. Storage of the contract text. Your order information is saved among us. If you wish these printed, we send these as a purchase order response by e-mail or by post.